Get a great start to social media marketing

A decade ago, you could effectively build and sustain a brand without Social -Media as long as you were ahead of your competitors. However, technology advancement over the last couple of years and the development of different social apps means that brands need to have a social media presence now in order to promote their content and engage with the target audience. Social- Media Marketing allows brands to create and share their products and services over Social – Media Platforms in order to gain attention as well as traffic.

Social- Media Marketing has become the top product and service promotion tool because it allows brands and their target audience to engage by commenting, sharing, liking and recommending content. This allows the content maker to check their click-through rates, impressions and also potential – reach. Furthermore, the platform allows the content creator to know which part of their product/ service is popular with the target audience and what areas they need to improvise on.

In order to market your content on social media effectively, you need to;

Know Your Target Audience

Penny Mason runs the social media for MT Mechelec and also for this luxury scented candles store and notes “Is your content targeting people of certain age group? Professionals? Businessmen? Male or Female? Knowing your target audience helps you to know which social –media platform will be appropriate and most effective to post your content. For example, LinkedIn is popular with professionals, Instagram is famous for fashion, YouTube is popular with music etc.”

Plan Your Content

Lucy Holmes runs the social media marketing for these turf suppliers and also for this assisted living chicago service and says “Creating a marketing plan is essential because this helps you to know which keywords to use, how you will engage with your target audience, the expected effectiveness of your post etc.”

Ensure Your Content is Great and Unique

Graeme W. is a seo manchester consultant and smm pro and notes “Just like all the other aspects of internet marketing, it’s essential for you to post unique and high –quality content. What you post should be valuable, helpful and also interesting to your customers. You can include videos, images, user guides, infographics etc.”

Track Your Competitors

Blaine Johnson runs the social media for this storage nottingham business and these paving contractors and fitzmill parts company and notes “If you want to stay ahead of the game, it’s necessary for you to track what your competitors are doing. Check what content they post, their marketing – insights, what social – media techniques and channels they use, what works for them etc.”

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